Catching Confidence

Confidence is trusting your own ability, qualities and judgement

Hands up if you struggle with your confidence?

Things happen in life that can knock you, and your confidence can hit the floor.

Women struggle with their confidence at different times during their lives, after becoming a parent, when menopause kicks in and of course at different times of each month.

You will struggle with your self confidence when you get a sense of achievement from what others think of you and not what you think of yourself….. and when you are relying on the positive feedback from others to make you feel good.

When you seek approval from others all of the time, when you talk down to yourself, when you constantly compare to others and when you feel like you don't fit in these are signs of low self confidence.

Somebody that is confident get’s pleasure from their own achievements.

How often do you spend time reflecting on the things that you have achieved in your life? If you spend your time focusing on things that you haven’t got or haven’t achieved your confidence is going to suffer.

Self reflection is a huge part of improving your confidence mindset. It’s not about living in the past it’s about having an awareness of the amazing things that you have done. It’s about understanding what you had to do to achieve your goals, what was it about you that made it possible.

We aren’t born with confidence, it is something we learn. The people that we seek approval from as we are growing up, have the capability to support our confidence to flourish or they can snuff it out completely.

So what can you do to give your confidence a boost and keep it growing every day?

  1. Reflect on your achievements

  2. Catch the moments when you are worrying about what others think - Are they really thinking that or is it just a thought in your head? Is their opinion really more important than how you feel?

  3. Get enough sleep and good nutrition - feeling good about yourself starts from the inside out

  4. Don't fear failure - it is your opportunity to learn and grow

  5. Practice standing tall and holding your head high when you feel your confidence dropping. This will work to trigger that physical anchor that when you stand tall you are confident. This message will also be received by everybody around you.

  6. Do things every day that makes you happy

  7. Celebrate your wins

  8. Practice daily affirmations


I am confident

I trust myself

I listen to my instincts to make the best decisions for me

My confidence grows more each day

I achieve anything I put my mind to

I’m proud of myself and my achievements

I spend time reflecting on everything I have accomplished

Confidence is my birth right

I choose confidence and gratitude

I enjoy my confidence

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