Melissa Maloney

Mindset & Breathwork Coach

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Oh hey, I’m Melissa

Let's do this......

I'm so delighted you have found your way here.

I'm guessing you're here because you're ambitious and have big goals ... just like me.

I'm also guessing that you're feeling a little frustrated, stuck and fed up of going around in circles.

It happens to us all. Our old habits, internal chatter and limiting thoughts can block us from moving forward and keep us on the hamster wheel.

Freedom. It's a core value of mine and it's what I help you to move towards.

*Freedom from the negative chatter and self doubt.

*Freedom from anxiety, stress and overwhelm.

*Financial Freedom.

*Free from comparing yourself to others.

*Time Freedom.

*Freedom to choose.

*Freedom to be who you really are.

*Freedom from the 'stuckness' you find yourself in.

The way to FREEDOM is through nervous system regulation. You will find it challenging to move forward, make the best decisions, show up as the best version of you, feel inspired and confident when your nervous system is out of whack.

I create sessions and programmes that blend a number of practices, for a holistic experience, that bring you to a place of safety from which you can explore and evolve.

I see you, I feel you and I'm here for you

Melissa x

Let’s grow from the inside out

It's 20% strategy and 80% mindset

It's not the how, it's the who!

Who are you becoming?

What people say ....

“Wow, Melissa was an invaluable source of advice, motivation and guidance. I felt empowered walking out of our session.I wanted to have clarity on my goals and future but came away with not only that, but pride and appreciation of what I have already achieved.She effectively identified my strengths and helped me to establish my goals and gave me direction providing me with tools to apply decision making.Melissa went above and beyond ... positive, supportive and motivating ... worth her weight in gold”

Christy - Healthcare & Marketing Brand Exectutive

“You created a really safe space, you never judged or made anybody feel silly for feeling the way they do and instead you validate feelings and explain how to work through them.”

Lyndsey - Business Manager & Coach

“I wanted to share with you that I found your course able to give me the clarity to move forward with my goals for my business. As I'm at the beginning of my journey I often felt overwhelmed and unsure where to focus my attentions and spent too much time worrying about how I was going to make it a success. The work we did on visioning a day in my life in the near future once my business had launched was a real thunderbolt moment and gave me self belief I needed.”

Ellie D - Birth Professional

More from Melissa....

Magic Money Mindset

Access this amazing video course to understand you current relationship with money and where it was formed. You will learn where you may be blocking yourself from receiving abundance and you will create a brand new, positive relationship with money.

Complete this course and watch the magic happen.

Don't just take my word for it.....

"The Money Mindset work I did with Melissa was a catalyst for a huge shift in my finances. Realising where my attitude to money stems from gave me the push I needed to confront our debt. 18 months later we had paid off a huge £15k from credit cards and credit accounts."

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