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Bring harmony to your life and business

with Melissa Maloney

Coach - Mentor - Hypnotherapist

Meet Melissa

Coach - Mentor - Hypnotherapist

My name is Melissa Maloney and I am a Life and Business Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Mentor with a track record of building successful women-led businesses.   

I am also co-founder of 'The Little Birth Company,' a Global hypnobirthing training organisation, and we lead hundreds of Instructors with mindset work and business coaching.

I love to see a woman step into her power whatever season of her life she is in.


What I Specialise In

Life Coaching

Releasing Limiting Beliefs

Goal Setting & Tracking





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The Journey Towards Success Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

“Melissa is able to get to the heart of my subconscious beliefs and more importantly can help me to understand where they come from and what I can do with them.”

- Rachel

“You created a really safe space, you never judged or made anybody feel silly for feeling the way they do and instead you validate feelings and explain how to work through them.”

- Lyndsey

“The work we did on visioning a day in my life in the near future once my business had launched was a real thunderbolt moment and gave me self belief I needed.”

- Ellie

Let’s Get Started!


You've done it ... you've ticked off some of the societal expectations .... gone through school, college and/or university've traveled and got your first job ..... you met your significant other, fell in love, bought a house and got married .... and then along came the children.

Now whilst I'm aware how general this is it is quite likely you have ticked off some, if not all, of this list of expectations. It's almost like a tick sheet that we aspire to because we believe it's what we want.


But what happens next?


What happens now that there are no more expectations? Do you even know who you are any more? Do you know what you want, what makes you really happy?

At some point in our lives we get a bit lost and can feel stuck and we can all use a little external support to get unstuck again .... or perhaps for the first time in your life.

This can be, as I've highlighted above, once you've grown your family and have a long future ahead of you that you've never really considered before. It could be as you transition through menopause or when you lose an significant loved one in your life.

All of these are times when we can feel life passing us by and we feel like we're rooted to the spot.

You can feel that you don't know who you are or who you want to be. You feel like you're living in a fog and you're just not quite "there" in the way you were before.

You are unsure of your purpose AND you have a knowing that you are meant to be doing something great. You are sick and tired (quite literally)  of going around and around and around and just not knowing how to get off the merry-go-round!

I have been where you are now and I know that it can be difficult to navigate through this is on your own. We all need somebody else to highlight our blind spots because, even when we are doing the work, there will always be parts that you miss.

Building your dream life and/or your own business doesn't have to be working 24 hours a day and non stop hustle until you break.  There are steps that you can take that means this get's to happen with ease.

As your Coach I will show you how to find out exactly what it is that is keeping you stuck and why. Maybe it's the perfectionist in you, maybe it's the fear of being  judged, maybe it's the fear of not knowing enough, not feeling worthy, not believing it's possible for you. Maybe it's because you've never even considered what it is that you truly desire. Maybe it's all of these things, and more.

The list of reasons that you tell yourself is very believable but I'm here to call bull on them all. I won't just call bull though.... I will show you where these beliefs come from and why we all have them. After that part comes the fun bit of looking at what it is you really want and how you can begin to move towards it.  

The result = Clear intentions and purpose, free from everything that was keeping you stuck and creating seismic ripples through all areas of your life and on those around you. 

Imagine having clear goals, boundaries and practices to keep you on track. Picture in your mind that version of you that feels out of reach right now. Picture that healthy, happy, motivated version of you that knows what she wants, why she want's it AND how she's getting it.

She is right there waiting for you to claim her .... so let's breathe life into her and make that version of you a reality.

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