Meet Melissa

Coach, Mindset Mentor

& Clinical Hypnotherapist

I have been learning to love myself again. It hasn't been easy but I can safely say that, most of the time, I really deeply love myself .... all parts of me ..... even the bits that I considered broken or wobble.

Like so many women I got stuck in the fog of motherhood. I didn't know who I was any more, or who I wanted to be. My life goal was to be a Mum and I hadn't ever considered what was beyond that.

I got busy on my self development journey and followed all of the coaches and did all of the things. Eventually it all got so loud in my head I gave up altogether with any self development.

It all seemed too much, too difficult and all consuming.

For about a year I pottered on still unsure of what I wanted.

Then I had a business opportunity. Something that I had dreamed of since becoming a Hypnobirthing Teacher. That was when I met Wendy and we launched The Little Birth Company - a Hypnobirthing Instrcutor Training Programme.

Slowly I began, consciously, working on my mindset again but I did it in my own way. I had learned so much and I was able to bring it all together in a way that worked for me.

A way that didn't mean getting up at 5am to set up my day and didn't mean it was all I was ever thinking about.

I began to trust myself and more importantly love myself again.

Cutting a long story short I am now living the life I dreamed of.

I have a thriving coaching business ... as well as a successful business partnership with 'The Little Birth Company'   ... my family and I (Husband Dave and sons Freddie and George) moved to our dream home ........ I have just booked the holiday, that has been on the vision board for a few years, to Thailand. 

Now you to are ready to free yourself from negative self talk ... free yourself from the old stories .... free yourself from being stuck in repeating behavior patterns.

You are ready to deeply love yourself.... find your purpose ... launch your dream business that causes ripples that create waves .... and live a life that fills you up.

You are ready to live with confidence and trust in yourself and you are ready to free yourself from that crippling fear of judgement.

I see you, I hear you and I am here for you.

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