Clarity Coaching Session


How often do you check in on yourself? How often do you work out if you're working safely and optimally?

We check on our cars regularly, we check on our physical health regularly, we have our boiler serviced every year and we check up on our teeth every six month.

When was the last time you had the space to check in on your mindset. When was the last time you had a beautiful space held for you to explore your where you are currently in your life .... where you want to be .... what is blocking you from getting there and how you can release those blocks.

During this 90 minute session you will be able to delve into your current subconscious beliefs.

These are the beliefs that influence your day to day actions and they aren't always positive.


If you have negative stories going around in your head then these will be guiding your actions from a place of fear rather than abundance, confidence and self belief.

Whether you are  building a business or not this 90 minute session will help you to very quickly understand your own stories and how they're limiting you .... then we will release them and finally replace them with positive and inspiring beliefs.

Whatever you feel is holding you back I can be pretty sure that the root cause is a subconscious belief that you have. Sometimes you're aware of them but sometimes they run pretty deeply.


I am here to guide you through this experience and you will leave with clarity and insight, confidence, improved self worth and ready to take inspired action. 

What happens during the session?

Whether you are joining me in person or online I encourage you to join me for a 20 minute call before our session. This is a great opportunity for me to explain to you how the session will work. It will give us both an opportunity to make sure we're the right fit and you can share anything you would like me to know prior to the session.

The Clarity Coaching Session is completely bespoke to you.

I use a blend of Coaching, Mentoring as well as guided hypnosis and meditation and breathwork.

We won't use all of these practices in one session and you will guide how the session runs. 

My intention for the session is take you on journey and for you to leave feeling freer and lighter from the weight of things that you no longer wish to carry around with you.

Investment - £88.00

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