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Group & 1:1 Coaching Programmes

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1:1 Laser



In a world that has become pretty noisy it can be more and more difficult to hear yourself think which makes decision making difficult. 

Having a coach is going to provide you a safe space to quieten the noise, connect within and really listen.

If you have any nudges or inklings that there is more for you in this world  but the direction and the pathway are unclear it can be tricky to get moving on your own.

Working with me is going to gain calm, clarity and the answers you're searching for.

I use a unique combination of Coaching, Mentoring and Hypnotherapy to create a bespoke program for you and your individual journey.

I also use crystal sound bowls and if you choose we can end the session with a guided sound meditation so that you can deeply relax before we close the session.

 90 minutes - Prices from £60 to £88

To find out if we're  good fit please book a discovery call with me by clicking the link below.

12 week Programme - 1:1


Designed to elevate you in your life, business and goals.

Working over a longer period is going to help you break the old patterns and habits and create new ways of thinking and being that will elevate you across your life.

During the 12 weeks you will have 6 x 1:1 coaching calls/sessions with me, either in person or via zoom (or a combination of both) as well as bespoke MP3's to listen to at home to deepen your practice.

Walk and talk calls - up to 6 x 30 minute calls with me to keep on track. These are great to do, for example, when you are out on a walk.

This programme will be completely bespoke to you and we will map out your journey together with a highly successful combination of coaching and mentoring as well as Hypnosis (if required).

You are here because you know it is time .... time to change the narrative .... time to step up .... time to create a life that is aligned and fulfilling. If you are ready to live an abundant life full of magic then hit me up.

I cannot wait to go on this journey with you

Melissa xx 


12 weeks - £888 inc VAT

3 month payment plans available

Copy of Copy of Copy of Melissa is amazing! I have just had my first session and I feel so

1 Month to Courage & Confidence


Are you hiding?

Do you believe you aren't confident enough to show up on social media?

Do you allow the fear of judgement to keep you stuck?

Does presenting yourself to potential clients put complete fear into you?

Does public speaking terrify you?

I remember not wanting to raise my hand in class at school.

I remember bunking off college because I didn't want to do a presentation to my class.

I remember my first public speaking experience.

I remember training a group of people for the first time.

I remember training 100 people in an auditorium for the first time.

I remember posting my first video and going live for the first time on social media.

I am so proud of how far I have come and that I can now show up for my business confidently and authentically... online and in front of 1 person or 100 people.

It has been a process and I've had to do all the work on my mindset to get to this point.

If you're ready to show up for your audience and your business with calm, courage and confidence I'm inviting you to join my small group coaching programme over 1 month.

I'm not going to get you doing crazy things, I'm simply going to support you to build your courage and confidence in a way that works for you.
We will explore who your audience is and how you want to connect with them and we will create a practice that will work for you long term.

No crazy challenges just gentle mindset work in a small supportive community.

What you get
* Weekly group coaching
* Workbooks
* Guided meditations 
* Private FB community
* Access to me daily in the FB community 

Investment - £333 pay in full 
Payment plan available


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Melissa is amazing! I have just had my first session and I feel so much lighter emotionall
Copy of Copy of Copy of Melissa is amazing! I have just had my first session and I feel so
Copy of Copy of Melissa is amazing! I have just had my first session and I feel so much li
Copy of Melissa is amazing! I have just had my first session and I feel so much lighter em