A Promise To Myself

I Promise.....

I promise … that’s a big statement isn’t it?

If you make a promise to somebody do you keep it? I know that I really wouldn’t make a promise unless I knew I could keep to that promise. If there’s any doubt in my mind then I won’t make any promises.

If a friend or family member made a promise to me I would absolutely believe that they will keep to it. If for any reason they didn’t I would feel some or all of the following; let down, disappointed, hurt, upset or frustrated.

And I’d probably lose trust in that person (unless there were real circumstances that prevented them from keeping that promise.) I’m sure I would get over it if it only happened once but if it kept on happening, if it happened on a weekly or daily basis - wow - that wouldn’t go down well.

So if that’s the case why on earth do we do it to ourselves all of the time? Why do we make promises to ourselves and break the ..over and over again?

I had previously had a conversation with a coaching client where I was saying that I’d made a promise to myself to move my body every day. Last night she sent me a message saying how it had really resonated with her. "I made a promise to myself" and I realised that I hadn't understood the importance of actually promising it to myself.

The fact that we go through our lives breaking promises to ourselves, disappointing ourselves is pretty sad isn’t it.

We really wouldn’t tolerate it from anybody else so why do you do it to yourself.

Think carefully before making a promise to yourself. These words are powerful. The expectation is that you will keep a promise.

Make sure you have everything you need in place to keep that promise, that includes the right mindset.

Think about the result you are looking for, how you will make it achievable , what support do you need, who do you need to tell, what could the stumbling blocks be.

If you think about all of this before making a promise to yourself your success rate will be so much higher.

Moving forward I am going to have a greater awareness of the promises I make to myself and I'm going to set myself up really well before I begin.


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