Clear the Clutter

It has become quite a trend to de-clutter and clear your physical space . Influencers such as Mrs Hinch have made it their life's work to show us how to keep our homes organised, clean and clutter free. If you've ever had one of those days or weeks when you completely gut your physical space you know how amazing it can feel.

Marie Kondo, who is an 'organising consultant,' teaches us to get rid of things that don't bring us joy. For example, as you hold each item of clothing you notice how you feel about it. In her method she says "keep only things that speak to the heart, and discard items that no longer spark joy."

I love this concept and I encourage you to apply it to your internal world.

Imagine how good it will feel to clear out the internal clutter. Rather than the clothes that have been hanging in your wardrobe for 20 years, just in case you need them, you clean out those old outdated beliefs, those ideas that don't light you up, those stories that you have been telling yourself that no longer serve you. You clean out the mind clutter.

As much as clearing out your physical space is empowering, and freeing, imagine what it will do for you mind, body and soul.

When you de-clutter your external environment you create space. You have space to see what you've got, you have space to see every corner, you have space to move and feel free, if you wish you have space for new items that light you up and speak to your heart and energy can flow more freely.

This is the same when you free your mind from the clutter. You create space to see clearly, you create space to welcome in new ideas that speak to your heart, you feel lighter and your energy can flow.

This is what happens when you work with a coach. You get to chose what no longer serves you and you get to release it, you get to feel into what it is you really want and you welcome it into the space that you have created.

For those of you who are busy, ambitious women sometimes it isn't easy to take that time to step aside for a while, and yet it is that which will allow you to then step up and step forward.

Please book a call to find out more.

Melissa xx

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