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What is different between Coaching and Mentoring?

There is a big difference between Coaching and Mentoring and I think it’s important for you to understand exactly what you’re signing up for.

I actually do both Coaching and Mentoring in my programmes as well as using other practices such as Hypnosis and working with Archetypes. I find that the combination of all of these is super powerful.

A qualified Coach will have the skills to empower you to explore your current challenges and sticking points. You will be asked magical questions that will enable you to uncover what it is you truly desire. You are the one that makes the decisions and decides on the actions you want to take. This really puts you at the heart of the session. It is the skills of the coach to listen, hear what you’re really saying and pay attention to what you’re not saying!

If you have been feeling stuck, uninspired or frustrated at your lack of action taking then finding a coach and/or mentor is a great step for you.

When you decide you are ready for something new it can be difficult to know what that looks like for you and how you begin to make it your reality. Starting with coaching sessions is going to allow you the space to uncover exactly what you want and what the next steps are.

Coaching really is a powerful tool that will enable you to make incredible changes in your life. You will be held in a safe space to explore everything that comes up for you.

The ICF (International Coach Federation) say that working with a coach is a “thought provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential”

A mentor doesn’t necessarily have a qualification and they are a person that has walked the path before you. They share their experiences and give guidance and advice.

A mentor will have walked the path before you and they will guide you with their best tips on how to navigate that path.

A coach will enable you to decide which path is best for you, how quickly you want to walk it and what you think may get in your way.

I love combining both Coaching and Mentoring in my programmes along with Hypnosis. I am very proud to be working towards ICF accreditation as I complete 100 hours of Coaching that is required to gain accreditation.

The step of accreditation is important to me to ensure that I provide the very highest standard of coaching for everybody that I get to support.

Melissa x

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