Make Friends With Money - Top Tips

Last week I hosted a Money Mindset workshop and I'd like to share with you some of the highlights from that workshop.

Do you know what has formed your relationship with money?

Most of our money stories come from our childhood. They come from the things we observed before we were 7 years old. The things that you heard loved ones say about money, the way you were taught, how your family felt about money, feelings that you picked up on from those that you held in high regard.

As a child you take on all of this information, as fact, directly into your subconscious mind. And there it stays, in your filing cabinet labelled money, until you decide that these stories are no longer serving you.

Here are my tips on improving your relationship with money

1. Know what money is!

That may sound a bit odd but when we only think of money in the tangible form of notes and coins we are not thinking about what it represents.........ENERGY. Money is a flow of energy that we use to exchange for goods, services and experiences. We came up with the idea of money so we could trade for our time. It works because we have all bought into the idea of money and we all accept that certain things cost certain amounts of that energy (money)

As money is an energy it needs to keep flowing and moving. So money will flow to you and away from you. You get to decide if you're open to receive and abundance of that flow or not.

2. Become aware of where you make your decisions from Lack or Abundance.

If you think 'I can't do that course because I can't afford it right now, I'll wait and see if I can earn more money next month' that is coming from a place of lack.

If you think 'I'm going to take the course because I know it will open me up to receive more abundance and I know the money is coming to me in increasing amounts every day' then that is a more abundant mindset and you're showing you are open to receive.

3. Be aware of how you talk to your self.

Do you think any of the following

* I can't have it all

* I'm not good enough / smart enough / young enough / worthy enough, to earn the money I dream of

* I can't be a good Mum and build the business I dream of

* I need to work really hard to earn lots of money

* I can't be rich and happy

* I can't earn more than my partner/Mum/Dad/friends

* People won't like me if I'm rich

* If I have lots of money it means I'm taking it away from somebody else

* I already have money so it's greedy of me to want more

These are just a few of a very long list of self talk that we all have. These are what create your limiting beliefs, your money stories. They come from your childhood and they are keeping you stuck when it comes to welcoming in financial abundance.

You are not going to make lots of money if the story in your subconscious is this

My Dad told me that people who have lots of money are greedy and unhappy, so if I have lots of money 1. Dad won't love me any more and 2. It makes me greedy and I'll be unhappy.

As an adult you know that this is not true but for those that have done any mindset work you will know that our subconscious beliefs (the stories stored in the filing cabinets in our subconscious mind) will almost always override any other decisions we try to make.

4. Uncover and release your old money stories

Once you have uncovered your own money stories you will feel so much better. You will begin to understand where they come from and how they have been preventing you from being open to receive all the financial abundance you dream of.

This step can sometimes be missing from the mindset work that people do. Now it is time to release these stories so that they no longer hold you back.

This is one of my favourite things to do in my workshops. Through a guided session with me you are able to release these old money stories and for many people they feel instantly lighter and freer.

5. Be open to receive

Now you have done all of the work on uncovering your subconscious money stories and you have released them it is time to open yourself up to receive financial abundance.

Get to work on your big money goals, the ones that feel a bit stretchy and make your tummy flip. Get really specific about what you want because the universe will respond to that.

If you say "I want more money," the universe may respond by putting 5p on the ground in front of you. If you don't then recognise that as the universe giving you what you asked for and you aren't grateful for that 5p why would the universe respond again??

If you want £500 then ask for £500 and express by when you'd like to receive £500.

Part of this work is knowing what your intention is. If you are really clear on what you want the money for it will all help you to be able to visualise that goal.....and the universe responds really well to a clear visualisation.

Now this is an important part of the money message. The universe doesn't care what you want the money for. If you want an abundance of money to make large donations to great causes that is awesome. If you want to buy your dream car that is also awesome and the universe does not choose one over the other.

So be really clear and specific and then be open to receive, be in an abundant mindset and be ready.

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