The Dance

The dance between the masculine and the feminine. It can be magical and powerful it can be messy and uninspiring.

We all have energies / behaviors that are masculine and feminine ... this isn't about our gender this is about the energy and behaviors that we draw and act upon in our every day life.

Where do you think you dance the most ... in your masculine or feminine?

Typical Masculine - Action taking, needing to fix things, being the protector, having self confidence, being decisive and making logical decisions, less about the heart and more about the head, ego that loves to be complimented.

Typical Feminine - Creative and inspiring, nurturing, supportive, listens to and responds to intuition, has empathy to others, passionate and emotional, caring

How do you go about your life? Where can you draw on the opposite energy for powerful effect. I am more often in the feminine and I've been learning to embody more masculine and it has helped me make big, positive, decisions about my business and life.

And it has been a dance between the two.

Creating harmony between the masculine and feminine will help you across all areas of your life and business.

As a woman experiencing a monthly cycle there are certain times during the month when I really choose to listen to the feminine energy when going about my day. Last week I was hormonal, exhausted, brain fog and I had work that needed doing. So I pushed through. I felt I had to keep going ... and I did until about 2.30pm when I realised I was ignoring the feminine that was screaming out for me to pay attention to her.

My cycle means that during certain seasons of the month it is great for me to embody the masculine and during other seasons I need to pay more attention to the feminine. There are times when I can get things done and I'm action taking in the masculine and there are times when I'm creative and intuitive in the feminine.

However, last week trying to push through was only making me feel frustrated. Acting in the masculine wasn't achieving anything. So, I stopped, I took full deep breaths, and I listened. I asked myself what I needed to do and the response was .... nothing, you need to sit, rest and do nothing. My physical body needed me to rest and nurture myself.

As soon as I stopped and paid attention and I rested I felt so good.

I absolutely love using these practices to improve my life and incorporating them with the magic of archetypes is so much fun. I'll be sharing more about this so keep an eye on the blog.

Melissa xx

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