What you're missing from your vision board

Vision or Dream boards are more than just a collection of gorgeous pictures that you stick on a board and look at every once in a while.

When done correctly you will be fully aligned with every picture you choose. You know exactly what it means to you and why you want it.

For anybody that hasn't ever put together a vision board before I would really encourage you to do so. They are such a fun and creative way to collate all of your big dreams in a collection of images and words.

You can place it in view so that each day you see the images you are motivated to take the action that you need to achieve those goals. The key is to make sure what you see REALLY inspires you - otherwise you just won't bother taking any action and when you come to do a new vision board you'll feel deflated as you won't have achieved anything that you put on the previous board.

So what's the one thing missing from so many vision boards .......the piece that is so often missing from a vision board are your FEELINGS.

Knowing what you want and why you want it is super important when you're manifesting your dreams. The key piece that will help to collapse the time and will bring your dream life in so much quicker is when you know how you want to feel.

I have consciously, and subconsciously, manifested a lot in my life including really big things like my husband, our children and our home. I have manifested amazing friendships and businesses and money. The one thing that I didn't pay much attention to, until the last couple of years or so, was how I wanted to feel.

We all know that you can have lot's of stuff. You can acquire the home, the car, the job and all the stuff but you can still feel really miserable.

Since I have been focusing as much, if not more, on how I want to feel my manifesting has ramped up a notch or 2.

I am aware that I am enjoying the things that I invite into my life. I have created a habit of daily gratitude and I notice how I'm feeling.

If I'm not feeling so good I take time to explore why I'm feeling that way. Whilst Positive Mental Attitude can be great, it isn't helpful when you're not feeling so good about something.

Taking the time to explore why you're feeling the way that you are will only help you to move through those feelings much quicker.

It also means you will have a deeper understanding of the things that light you up and the things that don't - all very helpful when you're planning, visualising and calling in your dream life.

If you're doing the work you will find that you are updating your vision board on a regular basis as you reach those goals and are ready to create more.

I used to have a vision board that pretty much looked the same year after year. Over this last 12 months I have created completely different vision boards as I have received and welcomed in so many of my big and small goals.

Next time you sit down to work on a new vision board don't forget to find images and words that represent how you want to feel when you achieve this big goals.

If you'd like to work with me to go deeper with this then please get in touch and we can explore how I can support your journey.

Melissa xx

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