Why this is Non Negotiable.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many coaches out there? I have and I can tell it's because we simply cannot keep to ourselves the things that we have learned. I mean, what kind of person would have life changing knowledge and keep it to themselves?

As time has passed becoming a Coach for women, and continuing this work, has become a complete non negotiable for me. Setting up this business has taken a long time and, at times, I've wondered if I would be able to make a success of it. However it became increasingly clear that making my coaching biz a success wasn't up for negotiation. I would do everything to make this work.

As I've worked with more and more women in this way over the last year it has deepened my desire to reach as many women as possible.

I have been learning all this "stuff" ever since I trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in 2014. The more I learned the more I wanted to know, and even more importantly than that, the more I learn the more I want to share with you.

When I work with a woman I get to witness the moment ..... the moment as they're talking and sharing they get that light bulb moment..... it comes from within them ... usually as they're saying something out loud for the first time. All of the conversation that goes on in our head isn't always helpful but speaking it out loud is when the penny can drop ... the wow happens... the light bulb pings.

The information lands differently when we speak it, and in that moment everything changes.

In that moment I get to witness a women know that she is worthy, realise she is capable, know that she can do it. She believes that now is the time, she is ready to take action, she is not prepared to stay still any longer. That's the magic and that's what lights me up.

Following that light bulb moment can be a great high and then as we move forward it is also when the mind can begin to work over time to keep you stuck and keep you in, what it believes, is safety. To your brain familiarity equals safety and it likes to keep you right there.

Having a coach by your side over a number of weeks is how the work really sinks deep and the changes happen on a deeper level. Being there when the doubt can creep in, when the naysayers start talking, when some of the old habits are a little stubborn to shift is part of the support that will keep you going with momentum and inspiration.

Having the space to explore and speak out all that is in your head is such a powerful practice.

I know from personal experience that coaching sessions are life changing and in just one moment everything can change.

I feel very blessed to do the work that I do and I'm driven to continue to do it because it is really blooming tough for women to navigate their way in this world. For me to be able to 'say I see you' and 'I'm here for you' and for you to know I will hold this space for you to explore anything you need to is a very special.

I have been asked before if I would coach men and I did think about it for a while.

Why wouldn't I?

Then I thought about why I started this in the first place.

I personally got lost in motherhood and it took me a number of years to find myself and find my way again. For women there are many, many times when this can happen and the mental load that we carry is HUGE.

I know that it is possible to find your way and create a really wonderful life with the practices I use and I want that for every woman. I honestly believe that empowering women is what's going to make this world a much better place to live than it is in 2022.

A women who believes in herself will set up the business, go for the promotion, ask for the pay rise. All of this means more of the worlds wealth in the hands of a demographic that is known to give back more. They give more of their time to causes they believe in and they donate a higher percentage of their money to charitable causes.

So that, in a nutshell (and trying to keep it short), is why my work is non negotiable. I will keep building my Coaching practice as long as women are ready to get unstuck and live their best life.

Are you ready?

Melissa xx

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