Soul Aligned Business
12 weeks to create solid foundations for your business

Do you believe that you are capable of achieving your goals and dreams? I believe you are and that is why you are here.....​

Inside the programme

If you are brand new to business or you are within the first couple of years of your business let's get back to basics. Let's create your most magical Soul Aligned Business.

Creating stability in your business from the beginning is going to enable you to grow stronger and quicker.

Firstly let's find out one thing.

Are you ready to go ALL IN?

Are you ready to do the work and take the action?

Are you ready to create impact?

If yes then please read on. If no, please come back when you are ready.

About Melissa

*Mum to Freddie & George

*Wife to Dave

*Female entrepreneur with 20 years in leadership roles and 11 years of building businesses including a very successful business partnership.

*Live in Northamptonshire village (which was the dream a couple of years ago)

*Professional Coach (ICF accredited Diploma)

*Clinical Hypnotherapist

*Breathwork Facilitator (in training)

*Mindfulness Facilitator

I am here to work with as many women as possible to give you the clarity, confidence and inspiration to build the life and business of your dreams

For every women I get to work with the impact goes beyond that one person. Together we're making ripples that create waves.

What is Soul Aligned Business?

This is the internal work.

This is understanding your values, beliefs and needs so that your business supports them.

This is about understanding what you truly want to create and what that means to you.

This is about understanding the energetics so that you are a magnetic to your goals and to your clients. 

This is about understanding your blocks, and limiting beliefs, and how to identify and then remove them as you move forward.

Without this deep alignment you will find it difficult to connect to your message. This means it will be more challenging to show up and more of a challenge to connect with your soul clients.

If you aren't in alignment and have conflict in different areas of your life you will find yourself going around in circles. You will find excuses not to do things.

When you don't understand how you show up each month you will find yourself exhausted and could find yourself in the masculine energy of pushing through

This programme will give you:

Clarity on your goals

Understanding about what has held you back and how to move through that

How to work with your energetics so you are in flow

Know exactly what you want your business to be and why

Who your clients are

What your purpose is

Values, beliefs & needs

Taking courageous steps

Making yourself a priority

Soul Alignment


How to work with archetypes


Guided Hypnosis

Workbooks & MP3s

VIP Option

2 x 1:1 coaching calls with Melissa


This is about creating and building a business that lights you up. A business that you want to tell everybody about

Image by Shane Rounce
Image by Priscilla Du Preez

What you can expect.....

Untitled design (65).png

Guidance workbooks for you to record your learning & transformation

Untitled design (64).png

Go at your own pace with these videos. Clear and detailed content to connect with and create the change and impact you have been searching for.

Untitled design (66).png

Guided audios including meditations & hypnosis to take the learning deeper for long lasting transformation

  • Self Study Modules 

  • Weekly live calls including live coaching

  • FB community

  • Guided hypnosis & meditations

  • Energetic work

  • Breathwork

Consider for a moment 1 year from now. Making the decision to invest in yourself getting super clear on your business and building the strongest foundations.


Being in exactly the same situation as you are now.

Investment Pay In Full - £888

4 month Payment Plan Available

VIP Option £1222

Includes 2 x 1:1 coaching calls

VIP lunch @ The Falcon Hotel, Castle Ashby