Welcome to

The Hive Academy

A place for inspiration, insight, clarity, community and connection

The Hive Academy is where you will find a number of different ways that you can work with me. 

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You're ready to change the narrative

You're ready to release the negative self talk

You're ready to release and replace patterns of behaviour that are keeping you stuck

Your biggest goals feel so out of reach

You're ready to set new boundaries

You're ambitious ...and you can get in your own way

Mindset is the key


physical & mental


What You Will Enjoy In My Coaching Programmes......

* Group or 1:1 coaching 
* Live trainings 
* Voxer days
* Meditation Sessions
* Guided Hypnosis
* Accountability
* Modules of self paced study
* Workbooks & MP3's
* Sound bath
* Breathwork
* In person event 


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Who is The Hive Academy for:

Women who are ready to take responsibilty for themselves, ready to do the work and ready to decide that they are worthy of living their very best life.

I work with ambitious women who have big dreams and women who can sometimes get in their own way. 

This isn't about being broken and needing fixing, this is about meeting you where you are at right now and discovering how to get to where you want to be. 

This is for you if you are ready for change, if you are ready for new insights and clarity.

We begin by identifying where you are right now, who you are right now. We delve into your conscious and subconscious beliefs to find out what has gotten you to this point in your life and what is blocking your progress towards the most amazing life. What is getting in your way and where are you out of alignment.

We are going to pick through your values, beliefs and needs and pull out the narrative that is no longer serving you.

The practices that you will learn are nourishing and very effective and you will be able to continue using them way beyond the programme.

If you keep doing the same things over and over and you're going to continue to get the same results. So don't you agree that it's time to do things differently?

It's time to make the greatest investment that you can and give yourself the greatest gift.... investing in yourself.

You have to say
YES to yourself before the universe
will say YES

Coaching with Melissa


Group & 1:1 Coaching Programmes


In a world that has become pretty noisy it can be more and more difficult to hear yourself think which makes decision making difficult. 

Having a coach is going to provide you a safe space to quieten the noise, connect within and really listen.

If you have any nudges or inklings that there is more for you in this world  but the direction and the pathway are unclear it can be tricky to get moving on your own.

We have many phases in our lives when we can feel a little lost and unsure of ourselves and the direction we are heading.

Working with me is going to gain calm, clarity, confidence and the answers you're searching for.

I use a unique combination of Coaching, Mentoring and Hypnotherapy to create a bespoke program for you and your individual journey.

I also use crystal sound bowls and if you choose we can end the session with a guided sound meditation so that you can deeply relax before we close the session.

Mindset Coaching


Soul Aligned Business
12 Weeks Coaching


Designed to elevate you in your life, business and goals.

Working over a longer period is going to help you break the old patterns and habits and create new ways of thinking and being that will elevate you across your life.

You are here because you know it is time .... time to change the narrative .... time to step up .... time to create a life that is aligned and fulfilling. If you are ready to live an abundant life full of magic then hit me up.


Take a moment to picture yourself in the near future:

> You will identify who you are right now, what has got you here and what stops you moving forward

>You will know yourself on a much deeper level

> You will identify your values, needs and strengths and what impact they have 

> You will feel freer and lighter as we work to shift all the weight of the limiting beliefs and negative self talk

> You will break old habits and create new habits for a healthy mindset

> You will be able to communicate what you want with everybody around you

> You will stop comparing yourself to other all of the time

> You won’t be scrolling Instagram obsessing over somebody that is living the life you dream of …. Because you will be out there taking the action to make your dreams your reality

> You set boundaries for yourself, and you stick to them

> You will notice your general well-being improved, reduced anxiety and stress.

> Increased confidence and self esteem

> You will be loving all parts of you again - or maybe for the first time ever

Image really living your life rather than it just passing you by? Imagine knowing on a deep level that you really are capable of creating the life you dream of.